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VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO GALLERY is a full service boutique fine art and design studio and contemporary art gallery located in the SW suburbs of Philadelphia. We offer a diversified collection of wall art, table top accessories and custom furniture for sale on-site and through several web sites, listed below.


VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO also provides on-site and location video, A-V and audio recording services with both analog and also digital equipment. Still photography is provided digitally as well as with 35 mm film. Video is recorded in HD-DVD and stereo sound. VISUAL PHENOMENA is a Disc Makers Studio Partner and Jeffrey Wayne Pergament is a Charter Member of the Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) Acoustical performance Partnership. VISUAL PHENOMENA DESIGNS holds tile certifications for glass, mosaic, thin-set and other specialty applications and coordinates design/build projects within the corporate framework of CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA), a wholly owned Full-C stock corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.




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