My name is Jeffrey Pergament. I was not given that name at birth. I was born in 1951 and my mom lived at 17th. and Chelten Streets in North Philly (Philadelphia, PA). She was a single mom as she had separated from my father during her pregnancy with me. My mom got pregnant during the summer of 1950 and she and my dad owned a taproom at 16th. and Lehigh in Philadelphia. Apparently, my dad started an affair with a bar employee and also got her pregnant. When I was born, my name was Jeffrey Wayne Homer. My mother was Marilyn Homer (nee Atlas) and my father was Irv Homer, the radio and TV talk show host in the Philadelphia metropolitan market and a Broadcast Pioneer. My mom died in 1990; my dad died in 2009. Although they separated in 1951, they weren’t divorced until 1957. Irv also had three other sons by this woman; the first-born (his third son) died at age 7. My older brother, Bruce, is the first-born; I am second but the last to Marilyn.


In 1961, my mom remarried and my adopted father was Lou Pergament; Lou died in 1984. My name changed to Jeffrey Wayne Pergament in 1961. All my life, I wanted to be an artist and I knew that I was – my family always supported me in this effort and I have been fortunate academically as well as throughout my life, not necessarily in an economic design, but rather in the skills and talents and life experiences I have entertained for more than 65 years so far.




I began to take photographs as a “professional” in 1972 yet my first professional fine art exhibit did not occur until 1974. My photographs had been exhibited at my college during my academic career and I received a grant following receipt of my undergraduate degree to create slide-tape programming with original art and hand-made photographic slides that allowed students to self-teach mathematics from naming whole numbers to exponential factoring within a 6-month time frame of self-directed studies. This Modu-Math program was created by Alfonso Gandica, mathematics professor at Stockton University in 1974 and I designed the slide-tape program, illustrations and workbooks to accompany the slide-tape programs. Tested successfully in 8th. grade and sophomore high school classes, the NJEA union fought against its implementation on the grounds that it would cost jobs by lessening the demand for math teachers. Although this is an absurd argument, the NJEA is a very powerful political entity in the Garden State and Modu-Math was shelved.


After a 9-year tenure as Administrator of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for the County of Atlantic, NJ, I established VISUAL PHENOMENA Fine Art & Design Studio in April, 1986 at Central square in Linwood, NJ. In 1990, following my mom’s death, I relocated to Key West, FL until 1998 and finally resettled in Delaware County, PA in August, 2002 where VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN STUDIO GALLERY has been for the past 14 years. VISUAL PHENOMENA now serves as the trade name for the entire CREATED ENVIRONMENTS corporate conglomerate, a special group of architectural fine art and design/build endeavors umbrella’d by CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA. This includes CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC., DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, INC. and VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN.




PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGEMENTS as well as finished paintings, custom hand-painted furniture and design accessories now are available online from http://www.visualjeff.net, my Internet-based virtual design studio and boutique photography gallery. This leading edge e-commerce shopping experience is highly secure and encrypted for your ultimate protection. My boutique is hosted by Square Register, a widely recognized merchant services provider.


Additionally, a collection of my photographs and paintings have been selected for a SIGNATURE DESIGN fashion collection with SHOPVIDA and my design showcase web site is http://www.shopvida.com/collections/jeffrey-pergament, featuring my artwork digitally printed on 100% luxurious Modal fabric from which beautiful scarves and tops are custom-made to order.



This image is featured on both a woman’s short-sleeved top as well as a beautiful long scarf:

pink roses - Copy



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