6:41 PM EDT in Philadelphia and the midnight news is broadcast from France. It is Wednesday in japan and the USA is digesting still the results of Tuesday’s 9-5 business endeavors. This is real time in the 21st. Century. In 1999, we theorized there would be 40 million Internet users in the next ten years – there are approximately 80 million Internet users today. e-Commerce has become a manner of living and fortunes have been made from simple drop-ship intermediaries. technology has allowed this to become a self-sufficient, drone-capable delivery system called Amazon Dot Com. Cars no longer require human operators to move from Point A to point B and beyond. Disabled, non-ambulatory persons have exterior prophylactics that move their legs by robotics.


Transistor radios from the 1950s have transitioned into hand-held computers that have video capability, GPS and search engines as well as international banking and commerce capacities. This is modern life yet people still bury others in the ground with their heads exposed and stone them for being human. people are beheaded for being human. people are scarred and burned with acid pours to their faces and this is supposed to be an acceptable honorable design for living.


This is not by any means an acceptable design for living. To cloak this issue under a “birkini ban” is to attempt to fool the masses into thinking the issue is personal freedom and not intrusive lifestyle and cultural engineering.

art deco woman 1

Sterling silver pendant; available from VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO GALLERY.

Personal freedom is pinnacle in the USA. Unlike any other geo-political entity, the USA allows someone like me to express myself without censorship and this is critical in the manifestation of fine art. Fine art presents the challenge to censorship in the 21st. Century. Freedom of expression and having an adequate means thereof, is essential for self-actualization. This is the stated objective of the American public education system – the self-actualization of high school graduate students – the objective of educational psychology. The current American public school system has deteriorated. Compounded by private, religious and charter schools, the US governmental funding of this educational system is a disgrace and misaligned with performance objectives. teacher unions, unfortunately, have strayed from the posture of providing the best educational services to the students to become self-serving health and welfare trust funds that become involved in bipartisan politics and suffer the same levels of corruption, nepotism and patronage as the micro and macro governments in which they exist.


Thank you for reading my words.

Dr. Jeffrey Pergament, DD, Minister of Education, CHURCH OF THE UN-POISONED MIND


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