What We Have in America Today?


What we have in America today is an epidemic of twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings and forty-somethings that cannot “fit” into the constructions of our society in 2017. The hustlers are outside of what and where they are and the remainder has re-nested into their respective family’s homes with a proliferation of chemical infusions that stem from the Ritalin-Adderall solution to controlled behavior administered to 85% of the USA’s current elementary school enrollment (K-12), rather than to provide the proper nourishment, excitement, education and academic substance in the presentation of the curricular information in our public schools. In teaching to the government proficiency tests with the current focus on the STEM course structure, the ADHD student profile demonstrates that this chemical manipulation introduced as if it were a daily vitamin has retarded the creative development and academic achievement of all our children and this must stop today. Our graduating students cannot compete effectively against the top tier students from other countries in 2017 and this should never have occurred. The responsibility for this scholastic failure must point to the top – the POTUS – President Obama, following President Bush, has failed the American public school student year after year after year. The Department of Education coupled with all the several school boards and charter entities that provide educational services to our student population also hold part of this responsibility. Finally, the added accountability and responsibility for this failure also can be attributed to the several teachers unions, with whom I have had dealings as an academic, as a consultant with a self-teaching innovative mathematics program that the unions fought against introducing into the public school system and as a government administrator that funded and assessed school programs, projects and management, as well as quality assurance for delivery of service or grant administration.


Because it will not stop today, we have these “young bucks and shorties” who are the wannabe gangsters now video-taping their atrocity toward others to celebrate on Internet social platforms, and the peers who are in our prisons and on our streets, unsupervised, inadequately mentored, neglected since birth and without a formal family environment in which to be nurtured, digitally linking to do things beyond anything that the “adult working class” can include in their collective comprehension – and they are making it – money, lifestyle, peer recognition, happiness in a world that turned to shit not just right before their eyes but before they were conceived. This world has indeed turned to shit. It has become an ever-increasing selfish and greedy world that has gone well beyond personal survival to actual horrendous intrusion on the sanctity of others and that, my friends, is the main issue – the infringement on the sanctity of others by many aspects of our world today – by governments, by pharmaceutical corporations, by the world banks and financial reserves, by all the labeled entities such as the military-industrial complex and by a self-proclaimed religion that demands world dominance.


It is good business to keep the many “underlings,” the multi-decade-somethings, chemically dependent and behaviorally modified. Please wake the f*ck up – this is what is happening all around us everywhere.
The stay-at-homes, for the majority, to return to point in case you thought I segued too far from my introductory statement about twenty-somethings, that are this 85% who are the previously chemically modified children ultimately find heroin and random prescription medicines as well as over-the-counter ephedrine-based concoctions like DXM to attempt to achieve the feeling one seeks for whatever reason someone may seek a changed “feeling,” condition, situation or perceived problem embraced or experienced, and subject to trauma, self-created posture and profile, with or without conscious acceptance of responsibility for one’s being – not placing blame outside of self.


Why am I typing this? Because I give a shit; Redenia Gilliam, former Vice President of Bally’s Park Place and the first woman and woman of color in such a hotel-casino industry position, a glass ceiling crasher, told me during a conversation we had in her office one afternoon and after she stole my key staff data analyst person for community and economic development, that the casinos would never hire me no matter how unique and gifted I was because I cared about others – the “marks” whom the industry has one purpose – to separate them from their currency. She told me that everyone knew that I would never be a “company man.” Redenia was the shit; trust me – a very smart lady and a class act. Her father was a leading educator in the American public school system. Redenia was a beautiful person, and like me, got the “gifted and talented” public education package before the idiots in Washington, DC eliminated this program and undermined the best of the best scholastic students across the nation, and decided to save money by mainstreaming special needs students, “normal” middle of the bell-shaped curve students and exceptionally gifted and talented as one classroom of 20-35 students to one over-worked K-12 teacher, and “exceptional” would come to mean “mentally challenged,” or multiple diagnosis, and the politically correct way of designating a student as retarded.


Redenia Gilliam provided a unique mentoring that helped me launch my consulting firm in May, 1986. VISUAL PHENOMENA began in Central Square in Linwood, NJ as an architectural; fine art and design services firm for civil engineering, adaptive re-use of existing sites and structures and the permit processes for the Pinelands and for CAFRA, the coastal development regulations for New Jersey planning and development beachfront zones. There are many other incredibly gifted and compassionate people who have helped mentor me to this point in my life. As I continue to cross the paths of others, in-person and online with social and business networks, some of these new actual and virtual relations stand out for me because they are their own strong presence coming to my metaphorical community table and they, too, are iconoclastic in their respective environments. As I see this aspect of our global human development unfold and play out day after day, independent thinking is critical for creative expression. Michelangelo did not have the World Wide Web or rotogravure to see the efforts of the rest of the world as we know it. He had to autopsy cadavers to understand the anatomy and to extract the human body from a solid block of marble with a hammer and a chisel and not a code and a 3-D printer. In my degree studies in the arts, I had Grey’s Anatomy, the thick text from which the popular contemporary TV show was titled, as did every other person on this planet since the printing press published this basic and complete anatomical text book that included diagrams and drawings.


This brings us on January 31, 2017, in the 21st. Century, to the realization that it might be a good idea to stop sacrificing humans to appease some natural phenomenon as if that would stop the rain or kill the pestilence. To harbor this design for living, such as exemplified by the jihad of the Islamic State across the planet, it seems pretty f*cking stupid when you stop and think about this insane and ongoing killing as the entire world waits by their TV screens and/or computer monitors for “the next one” – the who, what, when, where, why and then HOW, doesn’t it?


On October 7, VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN STUDIO began a program for art instruction. Twenty-four (24) weeks of classes are offered with a 2-week winter holiday break. The DRAWING class leads into the PAINTING class with a logical progression of image development on a 2-dimensional surface with different tools and genres yet it is not a prerequisite for taking the PAINTING class. Each is unique and complete within a 6-week module. Each 6-week module costs $150.00 payable in two payments of $75.00 at each of the first two classes. I offer 4 6-week modules – DRAWING I and DRAWING II; PAINTING 1 and PAINTING II. I teach 12 weeks of drawing and 12 weeks of painting – taking them concurrently is as effective as separating the classes consecutively.


This is not my first teaching effort and I am a nationally recognized art educator, published in the NATIONAL ART EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION (NAEA) Journal which became the impetus and course outline for graduate-level workshop study at Trinity College in Washington, DC. My inclusive teaching syllabus for arts and education has been proven over a significant length of time, since 1976, when I received my secondary education certification in art and special education from New Jersey and elementary and secondary education certifications in art and special education from Florida, where I taught in Hollywood, FL for an innovative pre-K through 4th. grade public, government-subsidized school. In New Jersey, I taught for a short period of time in the Cinnaminson High School for the Arts and then was part of an award-winning rant project called Modu-MATH which is a self-teaching mathematics learning program that uses slides and a pre-recorded audio component and a workbook to accompany the slides and the audio track to take the student/viewer from naming whole numbers to negative exponents and exponential factoring within a 6-month time frame!


The 12-week DRAWING 1 and II and PAINTING I and II have been designed to develop your skills rapidly and efficiently through 2 specific 6-week modules that begin with a self-portrait created by the student. This is the first and only homework assignment. All other activity is in the studio gallery setting at VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO. The maximum number of students per class is four (4) students only and the minimum is one (1) – you may obtain 1-on-1 instruction and a very personal and intensive creative scholastic educational experience contingent on enrollment at the time and when a given class may begin.


I do know what I am doing and I guarantee that I can teach anyone whose eye-hand coordination is functional how to draw proficiently and comfortably in 6 weeks. I know I can teach you to swim in the same way. I have taught babies younger than 4 years of age how to swim underwater and how to jump from a ten-foot (3 meter) springboard into 10 feet of water while I am treading water waiting to place my hands under their arms and around their lungs to sustain them and allow the exhilaration and bliss to be their experience. I am good at what I do; I do not pretend to be good at something I do not know how to do. An older person who was my friend, and who was both a smart businessman and successful on his own and came from family wealth, and who introduced me to my second wife as a blind date* taught me about this paradox of when to be braggadocios and when to shut the f*ck up, be humble and exhibit modesty, and not try to teach or preach to everyone about everything. As I have said, I know and am thankful and grateful that I had exceptional mentors throughout my life and it began with my over-compensating mom who tried to kill me as a fetus and a zygote. She did not succeed. Thank G-d. He must have a plan; I set the Lord before me always; Shiviti Adonai Lenegdi Tamid.


I spent a 3-year time frame as an art instructor in a residential environment for schizophrenic young men, at a time in our cultural development that the term, politically correct, did not exist and the catch-all style of diagnosis and prognosis today as bipolar or borderline personality disorder were not the ways of attempting to determine degrees of personal insanity by multiple categorization and multiple chemical prescriptions allowed under such categorizations. These students were between 11 – 18 years of age and normally would be incarcerated for aggressive inter-social behavior and harming others or themselves. The residential school was an alternative to first-offenders that primarily were identified from the sending school district as a “truancy” problem to initiate the interception from the regular public school environment for any given special needs student in this anti-social profile and inter-actions posture with peers and toward adults. Every student has a profile created on paper with forms to match the state testing forms and profiles – the EIPs and EISs. Impacts, incidents and initial educational development plan, the student’s bible, the EIP.


It has become a revenue stream rather than a proper clinical rehabilitative and cultural redevelopment medical system – a major problem in our socio-economic profile today that is attributable to the lack of traditional cash infusions from this multi-decade-somethings citizens population segment in America – this, of course, is a primary urban/suburban issue and in a sparsely populated environment across this country, at any given geographic location, what I am saying doesn’t mean a pile of beans. ¾ of the USA lives within a 300-mile radius of Atlantic City, NJ. This is why the Electoral College works and why Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election to be the 45th. POTUS.


I am an urban dweller and what I offer are designs for living in a metropolitan environment. I cannot tell you how to operate a tractor or manage a farm. The more precise the design, the less allowances for failure in the quest for personal stability, and a greater sense of bliss and comfort within our respective environments to provide the climate for enhanced growth and development as humans. Happiness as many see it is the daily manner of being and not the destination one seeks. We have two choices in our life – to live a purposeful life or to live an egotistical life. The degree of selflessness versus selfishness is the level of altruism and larceny in us. For many of us, we are not cognizant of this choice we make and many appear sloth-like relative to lifestyle choice or inter-social performance and posture.


Given that our public manifestations are that which we determine who and how we are relative to each other, and there are millions and millions of Internet users each day, and we are bombarded visually and rapidly by colorful images of blood, guts, glory, naked women, big fat butts, athletes that want breasts and a penis and a rash of liars and deception from gossip-based headline newscasters, we are indeed responsible for our public presentations online and on the streets of this planet. We are not, however, responsible for the perception by others relative to our manifestations. On the simplest level of case in point, can a person who is color-blind see what I painted if I were to paint an image using the colors that cannot be identified by this color-blind person? I do have direct and recent experience with this, in addition to the inherent experiences within my family and my upbringing and to whom I was exposed in this lifelong process of aging to the almost 66 years of age who is I now before you typing these words.


To offset this widespread situation of broad-based neo-cortex manipulation, I create and produce animated documentary music videos that are informative and entertaining to educate the audience about life, death and the lifestyles that bring us benefits, pleasures and sustenance as human beings. I offer my art instruction classes over the course of 24 weeks which is 6 months or ½ of the year or a traditional semester at college or university. Please email me or call me to discuss this scholastic opportunity. The classes are fun, very intense and fulfilling, and you will learn some things and you will feel exhilarated and joyful and accomplished at the end of the 6-week time period. There are rules:

  1. I do not offer “make-up” classes. Time cannot be replaced once it is spent. No excuses; no reasons; no make-up classes.
  2. No refunds. I do not provide refunds. No excuses; no reasons; no refunds.
  3. Each class costs $150.00; no discounts; no 2 for, 3 for or 4 for – no discounts.
  4. $75.00 USD required at time of application. Additional $75.00 payable at start of 3rd. class for 3, 4, 5 and 6th. class of the 6-week module.
  5. You may pay in advance for only 1 6-week module, the immediate II to each I and this can occur only once in DRAWING and once in PAINTING. The course fee is refundable up to but excluding the day the class begins, so midnight on the day before the start of DRAWING OR PAINTING II.


The only exception to Rule # 2.


Thanks for reading my words.


Dr. Jeffrey W. Pergament, D.D., Minister of Education


221 S. OAK AVE., APT. 2B, PRIMOS, PA 19018-2121

610-504-6421; 215-275-1438


The second semester, the remaining twenty-four weeks of the year to allow a 4-week break or 2 weeks between each semester for me, (24 + 2 + 24 + 2 = 52 weeks = 1 year) are multi-media classes with both analog and digital hands-on experiences in the field and in the studio.


In this curriculum, I have divided the term as a 4-week STILL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP and an 8-week FILM-MAKING and VIDEO WORKSHOP. Again, each is unique yet logically progressive and no class is a prerequisite for any other. The second 12-week term is the STILL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP II and the FILM-MAKING and VIDEO WORKSHOP II. These are workshops rather than classes because the film-making experience either in the studio or on-location is not a static classroom setting. We talk, walk and listen in the workshops, as well as execute the hands-on practicum critical for muscle habituation to train the physical aspects as well as the eye-hand observational aspects as compositions are created and established by the students.


Please call me at 215-275-1438, or email me at finearts@visualjeff.org, relative to any of the 4 art genre instruction classes I offer. The STILL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP I and II cost $100.00 USD each. The FILM-MAKING WORKSHOP costs $200.00 USD payable as a 50% deposit ($100.00) by a certain date and then the 50% balance ($100.00 per student; maximum of 4) due when the class or workshop begins. The final payment is cash only unless paying in advance either online or at my studio gallery. The FILM-MAKING WORKSHOP is a very intensive 8 weeks of pre-production, production and post-production, as well as academic, historic and scholastic information, online research and classroom discussions and watching lots of other movies to understand what occurs and how it occurs. The workshop participants will complete a short film in 8 weeks and complete a final edit by the end of the term.


VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN STUDIO GALLERY will mount an exhibit of finished works and present a film festival on the opening night of the exhibition. I also will showcase all of this on my Sunday night LIVE JEFF Internet broadcasts. The completed student films will showcase on my YouTube Channel as well: www.youtube.com/visualjeff1 and www.youtube.com/visualjeff1/live every Sunday night at 9 PM EST.


This art instruction experience takes the student from beginner to accomplished exhibitor or presenter. You become a director of film – your film. Also please understand that my classes are not just for beginners and if you have significant accomplishment in any of the 4 areas of instruction, I also offer one-on-one art instruction that will enhance your skill set and refine your talent – my expertise is diamond-polishing. Bring me the diamond roughs and I will polish the hell out of ‘em. That’s what I do. I do not mine the compressed coal to find the diamonds. Bring me the diamonds and I will make them shine brilliantly.




ONLINE AS: visualjeff and visualjeff1; Twitter @VisualJeffrey

* I learned at a later date that this person used this introduction as an excuse to re-connect with this person, his former girlfriend, and he was unsuccessful in re-connecting. I connected with this new person subsequent to our initial blind date. I married the blind date after cohabiting for several years.

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