BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT AD INFINITUM is the title for the final animated documentary music video by Jeffrey Pergament – me – which features only the original music of Keith Forman and LIQUIDISLAND, his current 5-member rock band. The music video series that I created and produced began in July, 2016, following the DNC and the Global Oval Initiative and CHANGEMAKERS gathering at the PA Convention Center while the 2016 DNC was at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philly. My first music video, Body, Mind and Spirit 2016, was published on July 31, 2016. As the description presents on YouTube Channel VISUALJEFF1, “This video came to be after my participation as a ‘digital influencer’ during the Global Oval Summit at the 2016 DNC in Philadelphia, to support the UN campaign to end abuse against all women by 2030. My music video features some of my original [visual art] and the original songs (words and music) of Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter and band leader for LIQUIDISLAND, an original American rock band. The soundtrack songs include BODY AND SPIRIT and YOU PROMISED ME. The songs are repeated throughout the video, which is 18:29. All music is used with express permission of Keith A. Forman. All work copyright 2016 by CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA.”

The hyperlink for this music video, featuring Gia Warner’s vocals with Keith Forman’s music, is Body, Mind and Spirit 2016 .


My second music video is a longer feature, and showcases the entire song list from the LIQUIDISLAND 2016 CD release, GO YOUR WAY, which is 14 tracks of original music by Keith Forman. This video is 1:01:58 with a festival version that was cut to 59:55 to qualify for 60 minutes or less for the EKOTOPFILM PRAGUE Czech Republic 2017 Film Festival.

The third and final music video animated documentry brings us as current as post-production could allow and was published on March 5, 2017 in time (3 days prior) to showcase on social networks across the World Wide Web on March 8, 2017, my 66th. birthday and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Some used the day to protest one thing or another; I used it as I always utilized such protest days – to educate and to inform others about the things they do not know that they do not know.

Again, let me re-introduce myself. My name is Jeff; Jeffrey Pergament. If you didn’t know and you happened by my blog one day as you were travelling around the Internet, or hopefully at someone else’s suggestion. I graduated Stockton University in December, 1974 with a BFA comporable degree with honors in filmmaking and in developmental psychology. I am certified to teach art and special education in Florida and New Jersey and my educational theories were published in October, 1976 and have been the basis for graduate workshops in arts and education for graduate classes at Trinity College in Washington, DC.

women are peple 2 CREDIT 2

I am writing this blog on a Thursday morning. I am taking a break from Facebook. The hatred that I have been reading has disturbed me, frankly – especially the hatred toward Jewish people and the ongoing belief that Jews own all the banks, all of Hollywood and the world that is the USA and Israel. It is March 16th., 2017 and another ides of March has come and gone and that is the impact over time that literacy has – that the world has a generic posture from an author, one person, William Shakespeare. “Your wine is also made from grapes” today is “your shit stinks, too!” The Islamic regimes denied the printing press for years and today denies certain venues on the World Wide Web. The education of all people is prevented. We suffer today from those repressive designs for living that politically we are asked to tolerate and/or accept – how can anyone with a sense of copmpassion and empathy accept Sharia laws and postures? How can anyone with any intelligence ever accept the belierf that peace is possible between Iran and Israel? Given the intricate proxy system from Hezbollah toPutin to Venezuela to OFA and CAIR, how does anyone keep the players straight and on the correct “teams”?

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recall 2

The third and final installment of my music video trilogy, BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT AD INFINITUM, is 1:23:30.00 and presents a contemporary picture of gender equality and the lack thereof within the framework of the terroristic agendas and wars that occupy the surfaces of this planet we share. The neo-cortex manipulations that are in play – especially the “Palestinian” theater of absurdity and duplicity and blatant lies – speaks to the total insanity of modern times. The epitome of this insanity is the United Nations.

NYC Central park

The web address for the feature video, the third segment, is here:


Many of us accept that the quality of the American public school system has declined; many do not understand the underground network that exists and is funded through the charter school program that was created to augment the failures in the public schools. Recently, Turkey’s President Erdogan accused Fetullah Gulen of using more than 700 American charter schools to fund his failed coup attempt and as recently as yesterday, mainstream news reports that Erdogan told the EU that he was not going to stall and maintain the encampments of Islamic migrants or prevent anyone from entering the European Union countries, despite the $3 billion payment in 2016.

Gulen 1b

Gulen 1i

Gulen 1k

Gulen 1j

Gueln 1d

Gueln 1e

Gueln 1p

When Obama was POTUS, Turkey requested extradition 4 times and Obama declined to accept all four requests. Obama also presented millions of dollars to HAMAS, a known terrorist entity that is bombing Israel from Gaza as I type this blog. Former POTUS Obama should be brought before a grand jury and charged with treason of th highest order.

farewll Obie 9b





Body, Mind and Spirit 2017 #GENDEREQUALITY is the middle (second) segment of the BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT AD INFINITUM TRILOGY of animated documentary music videos that focus on gender equality and an end to all abuse against women around the world now. Despite the UN Global Goals that established a 15-year campaign, the BETTER WORLD CAMPAIGN, headed by Peter yeo, President, BWF whereby gender equality is a goal to attain by 2030. Given this is not rocket science or complex calculus, simply stop beating, stoning, raping, acid bathing and any othr mutilation or abuse against women that is being undertaken today. End abuse now.

The hyperlink and web address for the second music video is

Body, Mind and Spirit 2017 #GENDEREQUALITY


Body Mind and Spirit Poster 2017

assange forbes 2


ecstacy FILM CREDIT 3

Published on January 28, 2017 on YouTube Channel VISUALJEFF1:

This is an animated documentary music video about gender equality and against abuse to all women. This is presented as a semi-autobiographical year-end review of the geo-politics of 2016, the transition around the world from the 20th. to the 21st. Century, the shift from Obama to Trump and the ongoing terrorism that we are forced to embrace.

The soundtrack features the entire CD album, GO YOUR WAY, by LIQUIDISLAND. All songs except the last few minutes are written by Keith Forman. The ending instrumental music is written and performed by Brian Murphy with support from Steve Curtis, recorded as a mix multi-track whereby Brian plays both the drums and guitar.

All music is used with composer permissions and Keith Forman’s songs and LIQUIDISLAND are managed by VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO and me, Jeff Pergament, multi-media artist, designer and owner, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO.

This music video is high-definition MOV file format with high quality audio – play it loud and watch it “BIG!!!” Visit VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO at and visit LIQUIDISLAND at

Take action; teach others – support gender equality and an immediate end to all abuse to women around the world, from domestic violence to dogmatic dehumanizing demands – the woman is never, ever subservient to the man.

BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT AD INFINITUM, the final segment, was published on March 5, 2017, and is an animated documentary music video about life, gender equality and an end to abuse against all women around the world in the 21st. Century. Thank you so much for this opportunity to introduce myself and to screen and present this media art music video by an “old head” senior artist, having become 66 years of age on March 8th., 2017 (International Women’s Day, ironically) and legendary in my own mind since birth when I ripped the wall between my mom’s vagina and rectum and was caught by the attending doctor who was accompanying my crowning mom to the delivery room, after she had driven herself to Women’s Hospital in Philadelphia. As I expelled from the birth canal when the elevator lifted from the ground floor at Women’s Hospital in Philadelphia in 1951, they immediately prepared my mom for surgery to repair the damage I had done to her body. Because of my birth and this radical rip across the sphincter muscles and nerve pathways, the episiotomy was introduced as a standard procedure to prevent such radical rips as I had accomplished to be born from a unique non-contracted softly muscular and tubular birth canal.

Please watch my video trilogy; you will see of what I speak and who I am, and who my parents were and perhaps gain a complete understanding as to why I am doing what it is I am doing and have done throughout my lifetime as a professional visual artist since 1974. I am the second son of Irv Homer, Broadcast Pioneer and outstanding former talk show host for the Philadelphia Arbitron radio and TV broadcast market region. To understand my POV in-depth from a literary perspective, there are my two WordPress blogs, VISUALJEFF and ART5138: and (this one).

Again, thanks – this will be worth your while; I am not a boring person; neither is my work; it nor I never were!!!

This project is published for you and is an MOV file of high quality video and audio. Enjoy the animated documentary music video about #GENDEREQUALITY and AN END TO ALL ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD. Thanks again.

Jeff Pergament, Multi-Media Artist, Grandfather, Author, Educator, Designer, Producer and Entrepreneur.

NOTE: The entire BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT trilogy of music videos features some of my original paintings and photographs with original songs (words and music) by Keith A. Forman, BMI songwriter and founding bandleader for LIQUIDISLAND, an authentic American rock band. Most of the vocals are sung by John Carr and all music is Keith’s and used with his exclusive permission to accompany my art and graphic content. The soundtrack songs also include BODY AND SPIRIT and YOU PROMISED ME with vocals by Gia Warner, Detroit recording and voice-over artist with LIQUIDISLAND performing all the music.


einstein time


ACES credit screenshot



BMASAI Screen capture title typeface only (640x341)




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full moon

fuck off rainbow



autumnal morning 3BB

NYC Central park

All images and content are ©2017 by Jeffrey W. Pergament, CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA. All rights reserved.


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