Once Upon A Sunday Morning…

Three days ago, I wrote the following:

“Relative to Islam, for me, this is an improper design for living. This is debatable, perhaps, for you, yet my conclusion is evidence-based. No other collective of people slaughters other humans in 2017 in the same way or with the same passion, commitment and dedication. This educational development has occurred for 40 years in a conscious and planned manner, from Gaza to Lebanon and all around the world.”

“Friends of mine from other parts of the world preach to me that I must embrace a tolerance for Islam and claim xenophobia has corrupted my vision of others. I disagree, of course, and cite the ongoing evidence that accumulates from every street in this world we share, from Boston to Tel Aviv; from Jerusalem to Paris; from Istanbul to Orlando; from Damascus to San Bernadino. Islamic attacks are everywhere; why must this be tolerated yet Judaism does not attain the same status in the press or in society as a design for living that must be tolerated? Who else stabs others in what appears to be a random manner for the victim yet remains an ongoing strategy for the Islamic state of being? From cars to kitchen knives, whatever means can harm another, these and other tools are used by Islamic persons – no one else does this! No one else!!! This is not tolerable. Ever…”

“Hence, my two words as ever: FUCK ISLAM!”*

[12:30 AM EDT, March 30, 2017; Dr. Jeffrey Pergament, Minister of Education, COTUM]

*Please do not misunderstand what this implies; this is not a call for Islamic genocide. It is a statement about an improper design for living. 1,500 years ago, nobody in South Africa was a Moslem/Muslim. Nobody anywhere was Islamic; the idea and the actions associated with the Islamic state of being did not exist anywhere on this planet. The name and design for living can be changed, as it has in our past and as is the case for all of us human beings as a species. Some friends of mine misconstrue this and are no longer my friends (meaning they are “blocked” on my Facebook webpage).

In 2017, we exist in more than one world. We exist in the physical realm as we go about our daily activities in our places of residence and employment and we maintain virtual worlds in which we also operate. Many of us utilize many virtual worlds in which to engage with other members of our species.

My name is Jeffrey Pergament and I am 66 years of age. I am a professional artist who has earned a living since eleven years of age. I began my life as a worker for money by cleaning a pool deck and picking up dirty beach towels and folding mattresses on beach chairs during the summer. I ended my career at that pool at age 15 as the head lifeguard who had younger children picking up the dirty towels and straightening the beach chairs and pads and cleaning the pool deck. That was the summer of 1966 and a heatwave hit Atlantic City during an airline strike that provided for a very busy summer season and a lot of tips for lifeguards who kept everyone cool by the pool.



The Strand of Atlantic City was the only CUE-rated motel in the urban resort and the pool was a 25-yard salt water pool with a concrete deck and two diving boards; one dive was a 1-meter height (3′) and the other was a 3-meter concrete diving tower (10′) into a 10′ deep pool. That means that when someone dove from the high dive and then touched the bottom of the pool, the body traveled at least 20′ from tip of the board to the bottom of the deep end of the swimming pool.

The motel was sold to Steve Wynn and became the site of the Golden Nugget Hotel-Casino at Providence and Pacific Aves. in Atlantic City, NJ.

Jeff 1966a
This is me at 15 years of age; head lifeguard at The Strand of Atlantic City. July, 1966.

AC home neighborhood 1

AC home neighborhood 2 (2)

The white structure located in the upper right section of the picture was the GNAC venue, across the street from my home as a school-aged child and when I was lifeguard during the summertime. The empty sites in the foreground is the former location of Atlantic City High School, my alma mater for the ACHS Class of 1968. This parcel now is under development by Stockton University, also my alma mater (December, 1974 undergraduate degrees in media arts and developmental psychology), in partnership with governmental and private sector entities, as the upper photo indicates as the Gateway Project, given that Albany Ave. is one of the gateway streets onto Absecon Island and into Atlantic City. There is a world-class WWI sculpture and monument at the intersection of Albany and Ventnor Aves. after crossing the bridge onto the island. The location is noted in the second picture, above, in the left upper quadrant. The actual monument is visible in the top picture above the orange 6-pointed star.

The sculpture is titled LIBERTY IN DISTRESS and was created by Frederick William Macmonnies. The monument in Atlantic City was the prototype he created for a larger outdoor commission in France following WWI.

ACBP logo banner

France memorial AC version

I graduated from Stockton University with honors as a filmmaker and my first industry position was Assistant Director for AR&T Associates, an animation studio in Upper Darby, PA, owned and directed by Paul Feirlinger, award-winning Prague filmmaker and animator for Children’s Television Network and Sesame Street. My first “Main Street, USA” painting exhibition was during the same time frame, with a few of my acrylic paintings in a group show with two other painters who used oil-based pigments and who happened to be “Masters” of their genres – Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. I was the then “new abstract surrealist” using acrylic pigments on stretched canvas against the “old masters” who used oil pigments, according to the gallery owner’s promotional content. I was using salt water for my acrylic pigments that I collected from the Providence Ave. beachfront where I was reared as a child. For me, the salt water extended the drying time of my paints and also was an aesthetic use of an environmental issue – plastic waste products floating in the oceans and endangering our sea life. Once the fecal bacteria levels of the ocean began to rise, I stopped using ocean water and now use tap water. My art is not about mixing human feces with my pigments ever.

bruce painting

This painting, pictured above, hung at my first professional exhibit in 1974. I painted this during my first wife’s pregnancy and represents the different social restrictions by gender and preceded my divorce and sole custodial parenting of my daughter until 1992 when she launched her own life.



This painting also hung in my first exhibition. Both acrylic pigment paintings measured 36″ x 36″ on stretched canvas, 100% cotton non-Sanforized and unbleached. A third painting, 48″ x 48″, and wired to hang as a diamond on the wall, was destroyed in a fire in Hollywood, Florida with this painting while being delivered to a premiere show and exhibition in 1976. Several paintings and many personal items were destroyed in that fire. The station wagon that was transporting everything exploded after catching fire along the fuel line that ran along the exhaust system and muffler on the under-carriage; it was a Chevrolet Vega station wagon that ultimately was recalled for this reason. “Too little; too late.” As it was, my family lawyer actually represented General Motors through their insurance company for corporate liability so they could not handle my case and no other lawyer would take the case to go against my family lawyer in that matter. I took the loss without complaint and a look to the sky with an expression of “What’s next?” My lawyer told me that “friends don’t put a dock behind his house or a boat on the river.” Nice lawyer, eh? I shall bestow the gift of anonymity on this man this morning. “Roger that!!!” I was the driver at the time and after I realized that the car was burning, I exited and watched as the engine and gas tank exploded at the same time and the entire vehicle went into the air above State Highway past the railroad tracks near Young Circle in the center of Hollywood, FL. The gallery was located at Young Circle.

Years later, I discovered that the burned and damaged primary and secondary colored, 36″ x 36″ diamond in the checkerboard sky had been salvaged by a friend of mine and he had passed it onto someone else when he left Hollywood and returned to his birthplace, Albany, New York. I was happy to learn that someone continues to have pleasure from this work of art I had painted in 1974.

The first painting I posted above of the man, woman, fetus, hemostats, mother and child in the background is in a private collection in Pennsylvania.

The motivation to write this blog entry this morning stemmed from my friend, Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks and her blogs. She had sent me a message on Saturday morning that I saw during the evening as I was coming online to send her a link to my newest video published to my YouTube Channel, VISUALJEFF1. Batzi is the author of three books and writes a serious blog as well as articles for JPost. We had discussed recently a collaboration with her writing and my photographs of flowers – from my ROSES ARE NOT RED; VIOLETS ARE NOT BLUE series of images. We also discussed the irony of a theme she had written that corresponded to the theme of this music video I just published. She had sent me the link to a blog she had written that speaks to the atrocity of today’s street life as we do our daily activities within the historical context of a shared culture and religion – the Jewish human being in the 21st. Century.

barbed 2CCC

This is the link, below, to my newest music video, March 31 2017 Geo Politics. It is 16:09.50 minutes viewing time and the soundtrack consists of 1 Yiddish song written in 1936 and 4 original rock instrumentals written by my friend and client, Keith A. Forman, BMI Songwriter and Founding Bandleader for LIQUIDISLAND, a band that I manage and to whom I provide business development assistance and I do the booking.

March 31 2017 Geo Politics

This music video is as the title presents – a music video documentary about the geo-politics of the world we share in 2017 and how it works following the US Civil War in 1863, with focus on today – not yesterday’s news.

The music as I described is a unique mix. The first song is named “Undzer shtetl brent (Our Village is Burning)” by Mordecai Gebirtig, and is performed in Yiddish by Gita Frank. The piece had been sung by the composer’s daughter in the cellars of the Krakow ghetto to inspire people to rebel against the Germans. Frank also varies text in a significant way, altering the song’s original refrain from “our village is burning” to “the Jewish people are burning,” the words the composer’s daughter sung during the war. The composer was murdered by the Nazis in June, 1942, during a round-up for deportation from the Krakow ghetto.

barbed 2BBB
The remaining songs on this soundtrack are original contemporary American rock songs. The song titles are, in order of usage, “New Day,” “Major Force,” “Caribbean Cruise” and “Serenity.’ They all are instrumental versions of Keith’s music.

This music video is ©2017 by CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA; all rights reserved. All music except the first song, as I noted previously, are ©® 2017 by Keith A. Forman, BMI Songwriter; Bandleader, LIQUIDISLAND; all rights reserved.

“Don’t stand there, brothers, looking on
With futile, folded arms,
Don’t stand there, brothers, douse the fire!
Our poor Jewish people burn!”

[Excerpt of the lyrics sung by the composer’s daughter]

Your comments on my blogs and on all of my posts across the World Wide Web always are welcome except the ones that are racist, ignorant bullshit comments; please refrain from your public puke-fest on my webpage; thanks. This truly is the only way that I can know whether you like what I present and/or what your thoughts on any given subject may be. I encourage the discussions about my work and my commentaries.

Dr. Jeffrey Pergament, DD, Minister of Education, COTUM and Multi-Media Artist and Owner, VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO.

M A 2

wire bkgd TITLE 1

holocaust children of survivors logo

baruch ata

Blessed art Thou, Oh Lord our G-d, Sovereign of the Universe, Who has sustained us and brought us forward so that we might reach this day.

It now is 2:13 AM EDT on Sunday morning. I had segued this commentary from the summer of 1966 as a lifeguard at The Strand of Atlantic City during a record-breaking heatwave and an airline strike concurrently happening that gave the shore resort a boom-town summer that lasted until the winter and then the decline occurred that brought us to the 1976 US Bicentennial and the legalization of hotel-casino development in Atlantic City, NJ in a defined section of the island city. Once again, 40 years later, the city faces bankruptcy and a state take-over and a very strange surface development vista that has altered the city into an uncomfortable residential environment for our species; Atlantic City has become an urban resort nightmare of special interests, nepotism and corruption that may have been always yet never to the extreme that has been endured for the past 30 years, from 1987-2017.

Without the “spirit of rotation” happening in public service, incumbents tend to establish power collectives of favoritism and influence that impact on everyone of us economically, socially and spiritually. From elected officials and “career politicians” who gain excessive personal wealth during their respective terms of civil service to the civil servants themselves who, protected by unions or “perked and comped” as management, become complacent and apathetic, and the quality of public service provisions diminishes and again, greed and self-centered performance overtake the concepts and manifestations of public service and/or social altruism for the good of the majority and the inclusion of all minorities in any and every opportunity or situation provided by any government at every level of service provision. Sadly, this does not occur today that I can observe anywhere in this world. From Moscow to Oakland, people are standing and walking in the streets in protest of the corruption and injustice that prevails across borders and around the world. Not all the street-walkers are what would be considered “good guys.” For example, Bataclan, France has had its share of “bad guys.”


That being said, one is ignorant from a global perspective when one does not understand fully what now is occurring around the world. The intrusiveness of the Islamic state of being has been a problem for pre-existing social constructs since its inception approximately 1,417 years ago. When the Islamic Mufti held his meetings with Adolph Hitler during WWII, these strategies and agreements did not miraculously disappear with armistice in 1945. Coupled with the actuality of population growth around the world since 1945, one must conclude that there is a clear and present danger and that this posture is not xenophobic; it is evidence-based and very logical and has continued since the first meetings in the 1930s between the Mufti and Hitler. The majority of the people did not see the metaphorical writing on the wall during the 1920s as to what was occurring around the world – especially in Germany and in the Middle East.

In my never-ending discourse, ISLAM FOR DUMMIES, let me reiterate that I do not proclaim that all Moslems/Muslims must be exterminated. No; no; no. Re-educated? YES; YES; YES!!! The design for living must be eliminated. Change the atrocious design; it is this simple. It surely won’t be easy…



Iran 4

UN bullshit 2

Human trafficking

Press TV Iran

Zarif 3


UN bullshit 1A


sky face 1

Sharia flag fuck me

Sharia flag fuck me 3

Sharia flag fuck me 2

Recently, a collective of individuals and agencies engaged a convicted murderer to speak at a conference at the Hyatt in Chicago, Illinois. This woman had murdered two twenty-something youngsters because they were Jews and lied on her Visa documents to enter the USA. During her trial, she accepted this speaking engagement. This event was promoted by OFA, CAIR, the Democratic Party and the current flavor of the week Sharia mouthpiece, Linda Sarsour. The situation received a lot of complaints and ultimately, Rasmea Odeh received her deportation orders in lieu of a trial and a conviction. She allegedly accepted what is called a “plea bargain” that one is told to deny any agreement was made when standing before the judge and then he or she signs the agreement that you “didn’t know” was sitting in front of the judge at the time – yeah, right. American juris prudence – this is not justice.

Whether or not she is in the USA at the time of my writing is unknown to me. I assume she remains in the USA because there has been no press about her arriving anywhere else. The following is an image I created for Ms. Odeh’s USA experience in the recent past and is a “still” from one of my animated documentary music videos about geo-politics and life in the 21st. Century:

odeh at trial

Let me continue ISLAM FOR DUMMIES. The Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928. Let that date set in your neo-cortex for a moment. The Muslim Brotherhood was established in 1928. HAMAS is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood.

mus brother thuumbsd

hamas covenant art 13

Gaza City beach

Abbas house

map 1

Nighttime in Jerusalem TITLE

Hezbollah boss


IDF chief

Israel fear

xpn 3

One Dot Org logo 1 13 2017

juke box a

gender equality xx

Paris attack 2 24 2017


Bibi flight suit

moon vp2



really really want 1

gender equality cc

lady singer 1



alethea baby 1



detail heart 4

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