VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO is located in the SW suburbs of Philadelphia, PA in Delaware County in close proximity to all major tranportation corridors.

The geographic convenience is secondary to the convenience provided by a full service multi-media arts and A-V production and post-production studio and boutique fine arts gallery, an analog and a digital studio recording capability as well as the capacity to create on-location field production quickly, efficiently and in a contemporary stream-lined state-of-the-art design that has been incorporated into VISUAL PHENOMENA STUDIO.


I am the sole owner of all my corporations and own 100% of the issued stock. Interested partner/patrons who wish to invest in my companies can discuss a stock purchase with me at any time. My mind, my vision and my eye-hand coordination and artistic skill sets, and my equipment and raw materials are the stock and trade of my businesses. The network of other professionals with whom I associate and collaborate allows me the luxury of a very successful, artistically fulfilling 1-person operation. Carlo Minotti, composer and developer of the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC once said to me during a meeting, “Of all the statues in all of the cities, there are none of the statues built for committees!

My friends, patrons, partners, fans, enemies and clients, I am a one-man band. Call me, email me and visit my several web sites to enjoy what I create and to determine what it is we can do together, your way and my way. I love working with others. I do, however, entertain myself quite successfully.


http://www.visualjeff.org       http://www.visualjeff.com       http://www.visualjeff.net

http://www.createdenvironments.com       http://www.vimeo.com/visualjeff

http://www.youtube.com/visualjeff1       http://www.youtube.com/visualjeff1/live


visualjeff1@liquidisland.net     visualjeff1@gmail.com







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