We can face the pain and the horror of this world together…” is an excerpt from a line in the Amazon Prime original series, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams; Season 1; Episode 1; REAL LIFE. Do “we all need to be punished?” (47:07) Are we all inherently “sinners?” OR – is this the challenge inherent in “FREE WILL?

As I was saying yesterday, I no longer am posting online to several social networks as I had done since 2004. I have a certain pattern that I discovered as I began to re-examine my life in modules of decades of life history. At 66 years of age, I have lived on this planet for more than 6 decades. Many of my loved ones, friends and family, are deceased now. Life is much different on this side of 60. Local Wonders: Seasons in the Bohemian Alps by Ted Kooser, decsribes this wonderful age in as eloquent a manner as anyone possible could. I will not attempt to further this discourse. Please read the book. The online summary review presents the following:

“When casting his eye on social progress, Kooser reminds us that the closing of local schools, thoughtless county weed control, and irresponsible housing development destroy more than just the view.

In the end, what makes life meaningful for Kooser are the ways in which his neighbors care for one another and how an afternoon walking with an old dog, or baking a pie, or decorating the house for Christmas can summon memories of his Iowa childhood. This writer is a seer in the truest sense of the word, discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary, the deep beneath the shallow, the abiding wisdom in the pithy Bohemian proverbs that are woven into his essays.”

We have choices to make and consequences of our choices to entertain, face, manage or mismanage, to avoid and/or alter our paths to overcome all challenges and despite all curves in our journeys, we proceed with loving kindness, empathy and compassion, and with passion, purpose and courage to be fully human as  creators of artistic manifests to share with others as “lights unto the world” in which we share our daily lives.

It has been written that we as humans are metaphorical “cracked vessels.” Within the parameter of free will, that leaves us two choices: we can fix the cracks and create beautiful vessels that others may perceive as splendid, magnificent and something to be celebrated, a very material posture, or we can illuminate from within and allow this inner light to illuminate the world around us and present a heavenly lightshow of the best of what it means to be fully human as a symbiotic creative species all around the world.

I contend we are not condemned as sinners but we are either saint-like or sinners as we journey amongst each other and as we treat ourselves individually and collectively. We have free will and the power of choice. Our purpose is to understand and to relate to this source of power, to gain life support from this source and to share that which we discover in the best means possible to enhance our material time as spirits living on a physical plane.

I prefer to live in this manner and be incorrect than to deny the possibility of such revelation and splendor.

With love, hope, faith and courage, I remain available and at your service, as appropriate and applicable for the mutual beneficence of everyone and everything that now exists.

G-d bless you and may the scheming plans of those who seek our harm come to naught.


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