Fifty years ago*, I was riding a motorcycle in Atlantic City and was struck by a car from the other direction that made a left turn across oncoming traffic. The impact caused my femur to dislocate from the hip socket and fracture the interior socket surface when dislocated, pinching the sciatic nerve and partially paralyzing my right leg since that time. I have been a practicing professional visual artist since 1974. I received my undergraduate degree in media arts and developmental psychology. I received my Doctor of Divinity in October, 2008.


Today, television reports that the Internet service accessibility for Julian Assange has been eliminated. RT reports that the CIA and the US Government are shutting down media – arrests of reporters in North Dakota occurred today because they were reporting about the pipeline projects. The US Government released a media statement yesterday that a cyberwar was launching against Russia because Russia had intervened in the current election campaigns. Edward Snowden receives no press coverage. The CBS news anchor still held captive in Iran (since 1979) receives no press coverage. UNESCO conducted a vote for a resolution that contyradicts historical facts to attack Israel and jewish people in diaspora that the Temple Mount has no relative posture to Judaism, a population that is named for Judea! The UN bias and blatant prejudice against Jewish people borders on Nazi practice from 1932, developing and spreading to the farthest corners of the planet. This must end now.


The actions and demeanor of the standing US President have been deplorable, insulting and detrimental to the growth and development of the United States. We who are the voting population of the USA have a bipartisan selection that disgusts me. Neither candidate qualifies as Commander-in-Chief of these United States. The ridiculous pairing of Romney and Obama demonstrated how dysfunctional the Republican Party had become after the McCain failure and the current candidate insures that the Republican Party becomes the laughing stock of the universe. It is because Hillary Clinton is detestable that Donald Trump stands to become the next POTUS. In lieu of this, I encourage you, the readers of my words, to carry a pen with you to the polls on November 8th. and write-in my name, Jeffrey Pergament, as US President and add my running mate, Mona Ibrahim, a working single mom from California, as US Vice President. Thank you and G-d bless America.

Dr. Jeffrey Pergament, DD, Minister of Education, CHURCH OF THE UNPOISONED MIND

* The actual date of impact is October 19, 1966. This coming Wednesday is the 50th. anniversary of my crippling accident that changed my lifestyle from varsity athlete to visual artist. I was 15 years of age.